Digital Marketing Specialist 

2016 - Hot TopicCRM Email Marketing Qualifications

  •  Experience in major Business Intelligence platforms such as Sales Force, Zeta Interactive and Infusionsoft
  • Governance of ~6M email contacts
  • HTML/CSS code-writing
  • Responsive template development and implementation
  • Experience with creating trigger emails and automated customer journeys

2016 - Hot TopicEmail Template Construction (Did Not Design; Translated JPG Into Code)

2015 - Amen ClinicsEmail Automation Nurture Funnels and List Segmentation Examples

2015 - Amen Clinics Email Templates (Constructed in Infusionsoft Builder; Headers Designed in Photoshop)

Improvements executed for 4 united properties

Amen Clinics 2014 - 2015

GOAL: Increase retention and engagement of current and new newsletter subscribers and promote list growth

Main List KPIs

When I initiated my tenure at this company, we only had 2 mailing lists: The Doctor Newsletter (main list) and The Lifestyle Expert, which represented one sub-property. The Doctor Newsletter List went out to all subscribers interested in all 4 other sub-properties, which resulted in broad messaging, user fatigue, and poor engagement.

Over the course of calendar year 2014, The Doctor List experienced a net loss of 11k contacts and had an average opt out rate of 8.8%.

After list segmentation and email nurture communication, Q1 2015 opt-out rate dropped to 1.2% and open rates increased by 4%.

The Doctor List was segmented based on sub-property interest, each list was mailed a maximum of 2 touches per week and had much more tailored content.

A communication journey for new opt-ins was put in place as an informative, nurturing series. Users were given personalized content over a 7 day period to fold them into company culture and encourage first engagement early on. Theses changes resulted in a significant increase to user retention in Q1.

Sub-List KPIs

Lifestyle Expert list also received a nurture series to engage new opt-ins, and opt outs in Q1 2015 dropped by 50%.

Brand new lists were generated for the 2 remaining sub-properties: Lifestyle Group and Clinic List.

These lists were grown organically and had nurture funnels in place. With the nurture series in place from inception, we saw a 3% opt out rate in the first 2 months of communication with around 4k organic subscribers opting in within the initial 2 month growth period.


Development and implementation of tailored, personalized nurture communications for new subscribers across 4 sub-properties.

Creation of 10-Week Online course with full automation for lead generation, registration, confirmation series, and webinar distribution.

Implementation of UTM codes, internal interest tagging, and tracking which significantly increased our understanding of user interest.

Development of individual brand aesthetics for sub-brands.